Madina Salamova – Kvalmerendes av Dagbladet

I just don’t have any words. To see this beast smile like she just screwed over a countries people and government makes me sick to my stomach. Absolutely disgusting.



Det Nye Norge?

VG is reporting that several gun shots were heard in Porsgrunn during a group fight.

Fire personer er pågrepet etter masseslagsmålet i Porsgrunn sentrum søndag ettermiddag. Politiet regner med å pågripe enda flere personer.

Politiet opplyser at det var personer av ulik etnisk opprinnelse som var involvert. Ifølge Telemarksavisa er mange av dem kjenninger av politiet fra før, og flere har deltatt i tidligere oppgjør mellom ungdommer med ulik etnisitet.

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From what I’ve come to understand, is that Norway has been a relatively safe and quiet country, devoid of the typical social problems of bigger countries. Looks like that’s slowly being eroded away. I keep hearing people say that, “Norway is the world richest country to live in” and, “Norway is the safest country in the world”. But for how long? Oslo is becoming more and more unsafe with rapes and gangs. Porsgrunn is now experiencing armed conflicts. How rich will Norway be when they have to put in for more police officers, jails and criminals? How safe will Norway be, when you’ve invited the entire Middle East with all their issues and problems to your doorstep? How many more rapes and group fights with guns do you need for Norway to become unsafe?

Like I’ve said before people, you’re going down a path you don’t want to go. Wake up now, see that a conservative and controlled immigration with thorough background checks is the only way to go. You can’t keep allowing undocumented people into the country, they could be rapists, murderers and other unstable people. If you have to let them in, keep them confined until their identities can be found. So many other countries now are starting to look at ways to curb immigration, isn’t it about time Norway does the same before you’re left sitting there with only a memory about “how Norway used to be”?

Kvinne forsøkt voldtatt

Another day in Norway…

Kvinne forsøkt voldtatt i Porsgrunn

23-åringen var på vei hjem fra en tur på byen da hun ble overfalt i Storgata i Porsgrunn, opplyser operasjonsleder Vidar Aaltvedt i Telemark politidistrikt.

Mannen slo kvinnen og la henne i bakken før han skal ha begynte å beføle henne. Kvinnen klarte imidlertid å vri seg ut av mannens grep og løp fra stedet.

Hun beskriver mannen som midt i 20-årene, rundt 175 centimeter høy og med slank kroppsbygning. Han pratet godt norsk, men skal ikke ha vært etnisk norsk. Overfallsmannen var iført en lys beige genser og svarte bukser. Han kom gående fra Osebru før overfallet og forsvant i retning Rådhusplassen etterpå.

Politiet ser meget alvorlig på hendelsen og ber publikum som kan ha sett episoden, om å ta kontakt med politiet.

Politiet fikk beskjed om voldtektsforsøket klokken 03.10 natt til søndag.


It’s funny how I keep reading about these rapes, and they’re always a non-ethnic Norwegian and involves an ethnic Norwegian woman. I’d love to see the media outcry if a non-Norwegian woman was raped by an ethnic Norwegian man. I bet you’d have demonstrations, VG, Dagbladet etc. would plaster it all on the first side like it happens daily.

“London Taliban”: ‘Wear a headscarf or we will kill you’

Women who do not wear headscarves are being threatened with violence and even death by Islamic extremists intent on imposing sharia law on parts of Britain, it was claimed today.

Other targets of the ‘Talibanesque thugs’, being investigated by police in the Tower Hamlets area of London, include homosexuals.

Stickers have been plastered on public walls stating: ‘Gay free zone. Verily Allah is severe in punishment’.

Source: Daily Mail

Not long before Norwegian women are demanded to do the same I’m sure.

More rape in Oslo! just released a story titled: “Fire overfallsvoldtekter i Oslo” which you can read by clicking here.

From the article:

Bare én av hendelsene var kjent fra tidligere. Lørdag kveld ble en kvinne voldtatt i nærheten av Sofienbergparken.

Oslo politidistrikt opplyser i en pressemelding at de ser meget alvorlig på voldtektene, og søker vitner som har sett eller hørt noe i forbindelse med overgrepene.

I 2008 var det ti overfallsvoldtekter i Oslo. Året etter steg tallet til 21. Denne helgen var det fire i løpet av fem timer fra lørdag kveld til søndag morgen.


Senere på natten, rundt klokken 02.30-02.45 er en annen kvinne på vei fra utestedet Olympen på Grønland. Hun gikk via Jokerbutikken i Grønlandsleiret, og til venstre i Mandalls gate hvor hun ble kontaktet av voldtektsmannen.

**Gjerningsmannen beskrives som: 25-30 år, mørkt hår, mulig lue eller hette. Snakket gebrokkent engelsk og norsk.

Am I the only one not surprised that it’s a non-western foreigner?  Only a couple of years ago, there was a rape spree in Oslo committed by non-western foreigners.  If I’m not mistaken, they were Somalia Muslims who when caught gave the excuse, “Raping a white woman is like raping a dog, it’s not a big deal”.  For starters, I feel sorry for dogs in Somalia, secondly I’m absolutely disgusted by their view on women.  Specifically white women.

Norway has opened a can of worms when it comes to immigration.  They should have really studied what immigration has brought other countries before subjugating Norway to it.  I fear it’s already too late, Norway will end up a crime ridden hell hole like many other countries before too long.

Jeg må bare le… has recently talked about the “extreme dangers” presented by Russian Neo Nazi’s, anti-Islamists and radical Islamists in Norway.  What I find funny, is that cases regarding Neo Nazi’s or anti-Islamists have been few and far between yet the media outlets act like it happens constantly.  It doesn’t. European media outlets are so concerned about being politically correct that they’ll turn a blind eye to the truths.

The other day, had an article which said, “It’s only a matter of time before it explodes”.  Umm, lol?  If anything, people in Norway is going to have a problem with Muslims.  For each year that comes and goes, Islam will become more and more a dominating factor in Norway.  Soon, they’ll be voting on Islamic parties like the “Muslimske Folkepartiet“.  And we all know that immigrants vote in mass.  It might not be a problem right now, but what about in twenty something years when Muslims will have enough people to actually get people elected?  Then you can kiss your freedoms goodbye and say hello to Sharia laws.

It’s no joke, it’s happened before.  Iran wasn’t always a Muslim country.  And as they say, those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

I’d also like to bring some attention to the utter idiocy of Norwegian and Scandinavian news outlets.  While they turn a political correct eye and concentrate them on what these (virtually) non existent Neo Nazi’s do, they totally ignore what Islam brings Europe and Scandinavia daily.  I know SEVERAL incidents which went unreported by the media about immigrants and crime.  A ten year old Norwegian boy was beaten by a forty something Muslim man.  What happened?  Nothing.  Not a whimper in the media.  I have a friend who was robbed at knife point by two Muslim men.  What happened?  Again, nothing.
So my question is, how much of this stuff happens daily and goes unreported by the news outlets?  I’ll wager a years paycheck that there’s A LOT which goes unreported due to political correctness.

One such case was brought to my attention by a blog called “Gutta på skauen” which talked about an eleven year old girl being raped by a Swedish Muslim.  Check out the post here.  And wasn’t it only a couple of weeks ago where an African-Muslim “felt up” several young schoolgirls here in Norway?

I beg you Norway, reconsider what you’re allowing into your country.

Går det an å være så dum?

On, they’re reporting on a political party FRP wanting to demolish an old apartment complex in order to stave off white flight from the area.  Read about it here. I swear, everyday there’s something that surprises me.  And I thought I’ve seen it all.  Below you’ll find a comment from a gentleman calling himself “Afroman” which leads me to believe he’s not an ethnic-Norwegian. (I.e. an immigrant.) In that same comment, you’ll see my reply:


As you can see by this “Afroman’s” comment, he’s hinting that the ethnic Norwegians moving out of the area are doing so due to racism.  That they simply cannot take living with immigrants.  This of course sounds rather stupid to anyone with half a mind, and instead of placing the blame directly where it should go, immigrants, he’s passing it off as racism.

Let me tell you something about the area in question, I’ve got a couple of Vietnamese friends in this area.  They’re looking for a new place to live.  Why?  Because of the noise and trouble in the area.  Because of the garbage and the graffiti.  Who does all this?  Immigrant youths.

It’s a fact, idiotic comments like that above is fairly typical and should be brought forth for what they are, rubbish.  Just because you’re an immigrant, doesn’t mean everyone else who isn’t is a racist.  Get a grip on reality and realize that the immigrants need to start taking care of their own area and act decent and you’ll see that ethnic Norwegians won’t move out in droves!