Rihannas S&M-lek forbudt i 11 land…

Just read an “interesting” article at Dagbladet.no which you can read by clicking here which talks about Rihanna and her new “music” video.

Which leads me to ask…

What ever happened to class? Did that die out with good music too?  I mean seriously, this is just bordering on the stupid.  I see the music world today as a freak show and attention whoring to see who gets the most viewers/listeners/subscribers.  The trashier you are, the more “popular” you are.

Worst of all, we allow our kids to watch this stuff and to look up to them!  And another thing to think about: What will *we* be remembered for in a couple of hundred years?  Wars and shitty music?  Unlike previously, where we had the works of Mozart, Beethoven etc. which are classic masterpieces in the truest sense of the word.  I highly doubt a future civilization will look back at our time and say, “Wow, a meat dress and a shit load of auto-tune!  Now THAT was class!”…

I’m just ashamed of what America produces now a day’s.  Auto-tuned hits which require little to no skill to make.  And to prove my point, see the awesome video below.

Sorry for the short blog entry, I’ve been up for 31 hours and am beat.  As you could already probably tell by my incoherent rants. 😉  I’d also like to state for the record that I listen to a lot of music ranging from jazz to blues, rock to thrash metal, industrial to electronic.  I just can’t get over the main stream’s idea of “music” and “style”.

And for those of you who’ve forgotten what real class looks like, here you go



Mind Blowing: Ronald Jenkee

I love music, all flavors.  Which is when I hear something new, which isn’t often, I just have to share it.  This guy loves what he does and it shows!

Check out more of his awesome music at his Youtube!

Miles Davis – Cool Jazz

This is one of my all time favorite Jazz tunes.  It brings back memories of living in New York, looking out my window on a rainy night seeing the brilliant lights pass by while the pitter potter of droplets hitting the apartment window sill.



Hope you like it too.