Immigration Gumballs

This is designed for the American immigration problem but can be applied universally in Europe.

To sum it up:
Immigration is only a band-aid on a massive wound. It just doesn’t help anyone. In fact, it’s hurting the very countries we’re trying to help. No matter how many people we take into our countries, there are still millions of people suffering in their country. The only real way we can help those in need, are to help them in their country.

Norway uses 13 trillion Norwegian Crowns a year on immigrants. Who is this helping? Only the few who are allowed in. How about taking those 13 trillion and investing it in other countries? Like better schools? I believe education is a MUST to help a country. Use some of that money to create jobs within agriculture.

If we really want to help, mass immigration isn’t the answer. Instead we should be focusing on the problems within the country we’re trying to help and force the people to make a difference there.