Majority of Major Crimes Comitted by Non-Ethnic Norwegians.

Is it me? I mean really? Does everyone else have the politically correct wool pulled over their eyes? I’m a foreigner for goodness sakes and I can clearly see what’s going on in Norway. Does it really affect me? No. Then why bother? Because I see Norway head down the same, poorly thought out road as the United Kingdom and America.

I never had an opinion on immigration before I came here. Not once did I wince when I heard the term “Islam” or “Muslim”. But being here for the years I have, I’ve grown to learn that not everything is honky dory. In fact, I’ve seen throughout my travels in Europe, Asia that immigration has impacted the countries in question in a very profound and negative way. Just look at your crime rates, see something? For each year you allow a free flow of immigration, it keeps rising. When will it be enough?

The following is from regarding crime in Norway:

Although rare, violent and weapons-related crimes are growing in frequency and receiving intense media coverage. These crimes usually occur in areas known to have drug trafficking and gang problems, such as certain parts of eastern Oslo. Reports have shown an increase in rape in Norway, with parts of eastern Oslo,n such as Grüerlokka, being an area of particular concern when it comes to this violent crime.

Emphasis mine.

It’s not hard to see what’s going on unless you’re blinded by the need to believe that we’re all getting along as one big happy family.

A report from today


Til VG Nett sier politioverbetjent Kari-Janne Lid at de er 100 prosent sikre på at det er 20-åringen fra Afghanistan som er gjerningsmannen.

– Vi velger å gå ut med navn og bilde fordi vi er redd for at personen kan gjenta dette. Det er det viktig for oss å forhindre, sier hun til VG Nett.

The truth, it’s not politically correct.


13 Comments on “Majority of Major Crimes Comitted by Non-Ethnic Norwegians.”

  1. Camilla says:

    The only Norwegians in favour of the immigration policy conducted by our government is that government alone(and a handful of mad leftists). The vast majority og us could not agree with you more.

    • amerinorsk says:

      I’m glad to see that some of you guys see what’s going on. Spread the word!

    • ola magne ruud says:

      I have yet to meet a person with their higher brain functions intact that agree with the goverments wiews on immigration. Its funny how “democracy” will be our undoing.

  2. Hjertelig takk for innlegget ditt!!
    Thank you so much for your article!!!
    You are so right about what’s going on in Norway – it used to be a peaceful, wonderful country – paradise really – but due to hordes of non-western immigrants, it’s being destroyed, by these immigrants/asylumseekers. We have been cursed by having a government like ours, who are only interested in their power, and in handing it over to muslims. And the Norwegian press are on their side, so it’s utterly hopeless to try and open people’s eyes and to try and convince them to vote for other parties. I’m very pessimistic about my country; and if we don’t get a diametrically different immigration/saylum policy in tow years, at the latest, then we can emigrate to other countries – Norway wouldn’t be livable any more for us: ethnic Norwegians!
    We are many, many out there who ask ourselves: how could we end up in a nightmare like this???? How could so many Norwegians again and again vote for the very parties that are destroying the country??????
    We need some other party to take over NOW; a party that will defend ethnic Norwegians’ interests, and make Norway NORWAY again!!

    • amerinorsk says:

      And thank you for that comment. I’m glad some of you Norwegians still have your senses. Never give up, it’s not to late!

  3. Osbama says:

    Socialists who now gladly kill their own family and countrymen in the name of ideology run the government here and, more importantly, they edit ALL the big media. With the media they preach class war and get the confused and brainwashed masses to vote for their own extinction via immigration of hateful Muslims. Norway cannot be saved within the stolen undemocratic “democracy” that we have. Only violence by the forces of good and introduction of subsequent real and direct democracy can save this country from total extinction and status as “Noristan”. The Central Bureau of Statistics here have been actively lying for 25 years and they do so today. The reality is that Norway and Norwegians is gone within a generation without drastic action. The main pushers of Muslim immigration on Europe and Norway globally are the USA and, surprisingly to some, Jewish organisations who hate Europe.

  4. Osbama says:

    It would help if killing rapists in action would be encouraged, whether done by victims or passers-by. As it is, a Norwegian man will now be severely punished for helping a Norwegian woman, while the Muslim rapist will go free. A small number of hateful politicians are RAPING Norway to extinction, hiding behind laws and “international agreements” that have proven to be beyond absurd. They are wrecking the very fabric of society and solidarity. And that is what this small gang of activist cells want.

  5. Marius says:

    I’m afraid Oslo is heading in the same direction as Malmö in Sweden. A town totally taken over by immigrants waging war and crime as they go. The police are powerless and the politicians just keep cutting their fundings at the same time.

    Soon there will be so many immigrants in Oslo that they will form a political party and actually have a good chance to win. What then?

    Bergen? Stavanger? Drammen? Trondheim? If it continues at this rate we will slowly but surely loose all the major cities to immigrant parties and the floodgates will just open wider. In the end we will loose the entire country.

    Mullah Krekar even told the media that this was the general plan all over the world. Muslims will slowly infiltrate other countries and build them self up in numbers untill they are in a posistion to political take over the world.

    The worst thing is.. We are letting them do this fully aware of the consequences.

    That makes me a saaaad panda.

    • amerinorsk says:

      A very good point Maruis! What will happen when an Islamic Political party has the majority of votes? I don’t think people fully understand that A) YES, this is happening and B) What type of country Norway will become once it’s happened. Your rights and freedoms will equal NOTHING if you’re not a Muslim.

  6. kristian says:

    I’m so sick of hearing the same story again and again, that people with non-western background raping women in this country.
    What can we do to put an end to this?

    This man should have been kicked out of the country long time ago. The fact that he walks around freely and rapes in the streets of Oslo is authority’s responsibility. I would therefore argue that the government has an indirect responsibility for these rapes.

    All my thoughts are with those girls and their families who are affected by this issue.

  7. Dude says:


    All people do is talk about this obvious problem, but when it comes to the only action we can do (vote) what happens ? Red-Green gets the votes. We all know which party sees these problems, but why are you not voting for them ? This issue is our singlest most serious issue for the future of Norway. I say look to Denmark and put the money where you mouth is (or are you gone continue barking…)

    • amerinorsk says:

      I can’t legally vote if that’s what you mean. Or else I would. I have however urged all my friends to vote on anyone other then R/G. Norway needs real leadership that will take their fellow Norwegians desires to heart unlike the government now who takes everyone elses.