Det Nye Norge?

VG is reporting that several gun shots were heard in Porsgrunn during a group fight.

Fire personer er pågrepet etter masseslagsmålet i Porsgrunn sentrum søndag ettermiddag. Politiet regner med å pågripe enda flere personer.

Politiet opplyser at det var personer av ulik etnisk opprinnelse som var involvert. Ifølge Telemarksavisa er mange av dem kjenninger av politiet fra før, og flere har deltatt i tidligere oppgjør mellom ungdommer med ulik etnisitet.

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From what I’ve come to understand, is that Norway has been a relatively safe and quiet country, devoid of the typical social problems of bigger countries. Looks like that’s slowly being eroded away. I keep hearing people say that, “Norway is the world richest country to live in” and, “Norway is the safest country in the world”. But for how long? Oslo is becoming more and more unsafe with rapes and gangs. Porsgrunn is now experiencing armed conflicts. How rich will Norway be when they have to put in for more police officers, jails and criminals? How safe will Norway be, when you’ve invited the entire Middle East with all their issues and problems to your doorstep? How many more rapes and group fights with guns do you need for Norway to become unsafe?

Like I’ve said before people, you’re going down a path you don’t want to go. Wake up now, see that a conservative and controlled immigration with thorough background checks is the only way to go. You can’t keep allowing undocumented people into the country, they could be rapists, murderers and other unstable people. If you have to let them in, keep them confined until their identities can be found. So many other countries now are starting to look at ways to curb immigration, isn’t it about time Norway does the same before you’re left sitting there with only a memory about “how Norway used to be”?