Reddet 500 hunder…

There’s a story on which says that roughly five hundred dogs were saved from being eaten in China.

There was also a poll affixed to the story which read, “Is it OK to eat dogs?”. I’m a person who has spent time in China, never eaten a dog though and I find it ludicrous that people in Norway are asked such a question. Many people in China are very poor, not even able to afford rice on a regular basis which is one of their mainstays. So meat in general can be very difficult to come by and dog meat is a viable alternative to many Chinese. It’s also semi-ingrained in their culture. But does that make it right? I don’t know, I love dogs (and cats, well any animal) and I would personally never eat a dog. But the problem here which Dagbladet didn’t touch on as far as I read is how the dogs are treated before they become food for the Chinese.

And that’s the real problem in my opinion. They’re beaten and abused, shoved into a small cage before being shipped to the slaughter house. But then again, the Chinese in general have a very poor view on animal lives. And we in the Western world do pretty much the same to our animals. So it’s not just the Chinese who treat the animals with very little respect.

But one thing we do differ is how we actually kill the animals. Even if it isn’t very successful, American (and Western) farms in general tries to use euthanasia on the animals before they’re slaughtered. Not so in China, especially not for dogs used for food or cheap leather. When it comes to food, the dogs are tortured beyond belief because they believe this makes the animal taste better when consumed. This is something that honestly upsets me. Then you have the dogs killed for cheap leather and fur. These animals are skinned alive without any form of euthanasia.

I’ll be attaching a couple of videos, but you *might* want to turn your volume down in order to watch. (I have to.)

My point that I was trying to make is that it isn’t about the Chinese eating dogs, but how they torture them before they’re served as food and the general lack of Chinese empathy towards dogs and animals in general.


2 Comments on “Reddet 500 hunder…”

  1. Quantum says:

    Thing is, ask Indians what they think about our eating of cows; ask Americans what they think of French people eating snails; ask Germans what they think of Italians eating migrating birds; ask any self-respecting Greenpeace member what they think of Norwegians eating whale meat.

    • amerinorsk says:

      The point isn’t about them eating dogs, but the fact that the animal is tortured beyond comprehension before it’s slaughtered.