Knivstukket under ransforsøk i Trondheim is reporting that two African males stabbed another man after a failed mobile phone robbery.

– Mannen ble stukket med kniv i mage og bryst og ble sendt til St. Olavs hospital med ambulanse.

– Vi leter etter to menn av afrikansk opprinnelse. De skal ha forsøkt å ta fra ham mobiltelefonen, sier Vagnild.


This is just a taste of things to come. As politically incorrect as it sounds, immigration is bringing a higher crime rate to Norway, and for each year that passes it will just increase. It’s about time you Norwegians do something if you still want to live in one of the worlds safest countries. You owe it to your children.


Det Nye Norge?

VG is reporting that several gun shots were heard in Porsgrunn during a group fight.

Fire personer er pågrepet etter masseslagsmålet i Porsgrunn sentrum søndag ettermiddag. Politiet regner med å pågripe enda flere personer.

Politiet opplyser at det var personer av ulik etnisk opprinnelse som var involvert. Ifølge Telemarksavisa er mange av dem kjenninger av politiet fra før, og flere har deltatt i tidligere oppgjør mellom ungdommer med ulik etnisitet.

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From what I’ve come to understand, is that Norway has been a relatively safe and quiet country, devoid of the typical social problems of bigger countries. Looks like that’s slowly being eroded away. I keep hearing people say that, “Norway is the world richest country to live in” and, “Norway is the safest country in the world”. But for how long? Oslo is becoming more and more unsafe with rapes and gangs. Porsgrunn is now experiencing armed conflicts. How rich will Norway be when they have to put in for more police officers, jails and criminals? How safe will Norway be, when you’ve invited the entire Middle East with all their issues and problems to your doorstep? How many more rapes and group fights with guns do you need for Norway to become unsafe?

Like I’ve said before people, you’re going down a path you don’t want to go. Wake up now, see that a conservative and controlled immigration with thorough background checks is the only way to go. You can’t keep allowing undocumented people into the country, they could be rapists, murderers and other unstable people. If you have to let them in, keep them confined until their identities can be found. So many other countries now are starting to look at ways to curb immigration, isn’t it about time Norway does the same before you’re left sitting there with only a memory about “how Norway used to be”?

Kvinne forsøkt voldtatt

Another day in Norway…

Kvinne forsøkt voldtatt i Porsgrunn

23-åringen var på vei hjem fra en tur på byen da hun ble overfalt i Storgata i Porsgrunn, opplyser operasjonsleder Vidar Aaltvedt i Telemark politidistrikt.

Mannen slo kvinnen og la henne i bakken før han skal ha begynte å beføle henne. Kvinnen klarte imidlertid å vri seg ut av mannens grep og løp fra stedet.

Hun beskriver mannen som midt i 20-årene, rundt 175 centimeter høy og med slank kroppsbygning. Han pratet godt norsk, men skal ikke ha vært etnisk norsk. Overfallsmannen var iført en lys beige genser og svarte bukser. Han kom gående fra Osebru før overfallet og forsvant i retning Rådhusplassen etterpå.

Politiet ser meget alvorlig på hendelsen og ber publikum som kan ha sett episoden, om å ta kontakt med politiet.

Politiet fikk beskjed om voldtektsforsøket klokken 03.10 natt til søndag.


It’s funny how I keep reading about these rapes, and they’re always a non-ethnic Norwegian and involves an ethnic Norwegian woman. I’d love to see the media outcry if a non-Norwegian woman was raped by an ethnic Norwegian man. I bet you’d have demonstrations, VG, Dagbladet etc. would plaster it all on the first side like it happens daily.

“London Taliban”: ‘Wear a headscarf or we will kill you’

Women who do not wear headscarves are being threatened with violence and even death by Islamic extremists intent on imposing sharia law on parts of Britain, it was claimed today.

Other targets of the ‘Talibanesque thugs’, being investigated by police in the Tower Hamlets area of London, include homosexuals.

Stickers have been plastered on public walls stating: ‘Gay free zone. Verily Allah is severe in punishment’.

Source: Daily Mail

Not long before Norwegian women are demanded to do the same I’m sure.

Reddet 500 hunder…

There’s a story on which says that roughly five hundred dogs were saved from being eaten in China.

There was also a poll affixed to the story which read, “Is it OK to eat dogs?”. I’m a person who has spent time in China, never eaten a dog though and I find it ludicrous that people in Norway are asked such a question. Many people in China are very poor, not even able to afford rice on a regular basis which is one of their mainstays. So meat in general can be very difficult to come by and dog meat is a viable alternative to many Chinese. It’s also semi-ingrained in their culture. But does that make it right? I don’t know, I love dogs (and cats, well any animal) and I would personally never eat a dog. But the problem here which Dagbladet didn’t touch on as far as I read is how the dogs are treated before they become food for the Chinese.

And that’s the real problem in my opinion. They’re beaten and abused, shoved into a small cage before being shipped to the slaughter house. But then again, the Chinese in general have a very poor view on animal lives. And we in the Western world do pretty much the same to our animals. So it’s not just the Chinese who treat the animals with very little respect.

But one thing we do differ is how we actually kill the animals. Even if it isn’t very successful, American (and Western) farms in general tries to use euthanasia on the animals before they’re slaughtered. Not so in China, especially not for dogs used for food or cheap leather. When it comes to food, the dogs are tortured beyond belief because they believe this makes the animal taste better when consumed. This is something that honestly upsets me. Then you have the dogs killed for cheap leather and fur. These animals are skinned alive without any form of euthanasia.

I’ll be attaching a couple of videos, but you *might* want to turn your volume down in order to watch. (I have to.)

My point that I was trying to make is that it isn’t about the Chinese eating dogs, but how they torture them before they’re served as food and the general lack of Chinese empathy towards dogs and animals in general.

Madina Salamova’s personal “frepper”.

Well, looks like we’ve got another one of Madina Salamova’s personal “freppere” here.

As you can see, they’re incapable of making any form of coherent post and instead resort to childish name calling. Very reminiscent of the other Madina frepper although he was a little more eloquent even though he lacked any critical thinking and logic.

Madina Salamova aka Marie Amelie

It’s funny, I’ve been a law abiding citizen all my life. I moved to Norway to work (legally) and have been here for a little while. But when this whole Madina Salamova case was brought up I realize now that I’ve been living my life as a chump.

Let’s see here…

Madina Salamova has worked illegally in Norway for several years. She’s been told twice to leave Norway as NO proof was brought forth that her life was in danger. What did she do? Disappeared and started to work illegally instead, not paying taxes. On top of that, she’s gotten an education by a university which I can assure you has cost the tax payer PLENTY. She was finally thrown out, she led a peaceful existence in her HOME country of Russia until Teknisk Ukeblad made a custom position just for her that pays in the excess of 500,000 Norwegian kroner a year while laying off people previously because they couldn’t keep them on because of the economy…

So what does this teach you? Crime pays. On a more serious note, can’t Norwegians see that they’re being taken for a ride here? No matter what your personal feelings are on the issue, Madina Salamova came to Norway with her parents ILLEGALLY. They were told to leave twice before disappearing. When this criminal is FINALLY thrown out, she gets a cushy job and a return ticket. Umm… What? If Norwegians can’t see that they’re being played a fool here, they deserve to lose their country and heritage. Seriously.

Now I just read on (Link to story) that she wants an “apology” from the Norwegian government for sending her ILLEGAL ass out of the country? Who the hell is she? She’s just some illegal immigrant who has written a book taunting the Norwegian government, nothing more. She’s not a political activist other then rallying for illegal immigrants, she’s not a philosopher or anyone else of importance. I think she should bend over backwards and THANK Norway for the SPECIAL treatment she’s received!