Må få dem hjem!

Now that the Norwegian Erik Berger and his fiance have been proven innocent as reported on VG.no, Norway needs to get them home right away.  The Philippines have a history of mob justice.  People get emotionally unstable and decide to exact revenge.  Revenge usually means killing.

Now that the police have ruled Erik Berger and the fiance out of the picture, they must start following up other leads.  Something I certainly hope they’ve been doing since day one.  If justice for little Ellah will be served, the police have to act fast.  The perpetrator might have already left the Philippines.

Here’s a sketch of the two suspects, it’s said the man has blond hair.

I really hope little Ellah will get the justice she deserves.  If you haven’t already done so, show your support on Facebook by liking “Justice for Ellah” by clicking here.


One Comment on “Må få dem hjem!”

  1. Barbro says:

    This is just not right!They have a webcam prooving gthey were at the hotel while Ellah was kidnapped and killed.Still they keep thm there..SHAME!