Ikke la de slippe unna!

VG.no is following the case about the girl found murdered in Cebu, Philippines.  I beg, please don’t let the responsible party get away.  The police owe it to Ellah to follow absolutely all leads in the case and not be blinded by hate.  Cooler heads need to prevail, if the Norwegian and the 25 year old girl are indeed guilty, then they’ll be put behind bars.  But if they’re not, and the police jump the gun, they’re allowing the real murder(ers) go free giving little Ellah absolutely NO justice.

I know how the police down there work, I worked with a couple of them. (Not in Cebu, but in Mindanao.)  Don’t let pride get in the way. Please.  For Ellah’s sake.


And for those of you who’ve not yet joined the “Justice for Ellah” facebook page, you can do so by clicking here.


6 Comments on “Ikke la de slippe unna!”

  1. akba says:

    I think its weird how they have been “given 7 days to prove their innocence”, isn’t it the other way around, that the prosecutors are supposed to prove them guilty?

    • amerinorsk says:

      Absolutely, it almost feels like the police have already made up their mind despite evidence.

      The Cebu police department MUST go through all the evidence! Because if the Norwegian is indeed innocent, then the real killer(s) are still out there, free to commit another crime.

      • andrew says:

        It looks like the philippine police are a bunch of lazy louts and only sit on their arses they really dont care who they can blame as long as they can get over with it, and in doing so the real culprits have a head start, if not already left the country,and thats thanks to the stupid police, Its plain and simple to see the police dont want to do their job they get three kids to point out who they think is the guilty person and then say they got their man without trying to find what motives the suspects had was there any evedince on the childs body which could implicate the suspects to the murder? and when the so said suspects have proof of their whereabouts the day and time when the child was kidnapped then the stupid police say oh they are only looking for alibis even the childs father says the same, to me this looks like a lynch mob, and when these suspects are found to be innocent and if any harm comes to them because of mob vengence, then the whole blame should be on the police now its up to the police to get off their fat butts and protect this couple,if not put the police in jail for their blundring ways, and replace them.

    • Barbro says:

      ON THE PHILLIPINES NOTHING CAN SURPRICE YOU!It is corrupted.I think if you just have money enough,you can get away with everything!

  2. They did’t KILL ELLAH! ARE YOU STUPID! THEY DID NOT EVEN HAVE A CAR! AND THEY WAS ON THE HOTEL AND SCHOOL AT THE SAME TIME! The police system down there is CRAP! the first white and dark girl you see are murderes, IS BULLSHIT!

    • amerinorsk says:

      Tidligvis er den dumme her deg Mildrid da du tidligvis ikke gadd å lese blogg posten før du åpna kjeften din. Anbefaller du leser den på nytt.