Justice for Ellah Joy Pique

For everyone that uses Facebook, please join me and sign up for Ellah Joy Pique’s page to show your support for her and her family.


Click here to go to the “Justice for Ellah Joy Pique” Facebook page.


As most of you who’ve been following VG.no’s articles, Ellah was found wrapped in two blankets and entwined in twine, dumped over a cliff after being brutally murdered.  Right now, the Filipino police are holding a Norwegian and a younger Filipina as suspects in the case.  They are however, not charged as of yet for the crime.

I’ve visited Cebu, I stayed there for three months and the rest were split between Mindanao and Manila.  The people there are humble and some of the nicest you’ll ever meet.  This is a very heart breaking story for me, as it should be for everyone.  I’d also like to say, that let’s not get hung up with wanting to serve justice quicker then due process allows.  I can’t say if the Norwegian is innocent or not, but if he’s not that means the real killers are still out there.  That’s why it’s very important for the Cebu police department to follow procedure to ensure that this isn’t the case.


Rest in peace Ellah, I’m deeply saddened by your passing.


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  1. det er says:

    As you describe filipino is nice an humble people -but that NOT include all ill be there for 10 years in hollyday. and i am married to a filipina. and this storie stink!
    sadley and in respeckt for the little girl Ellah as now is dead, I have to speak out.
    And yoy who is claimed justice for ellah and maybe are norsk and have visited the phillipines, you know many of the things I am telling here are true. The phillipine is after been own by the spanish for 400 year and then the USA for some decades a mixed culture and now these days very lokking up to the vest specaelly the USA! And what are they known for i the usa? The love for money!! yeah! And I don’tblame them so much for it -but the sad thing is that money and greed is very influence in the soceity, mainly because allmost vevreyone is so pore -but also to live the “americab dream” like in usa. And to show of that ‘we are sucsessfulley’ we have money!!
    Back tio the subjeckt; who killed Ellah -the little girl? Its remind of a story some time ago when a 9 years girl was raped and killed in the phillipines. Who did it? it was close relatives. and that happend many times before. And the looking for always others to blame/hunting for money to sqize out of one to pay. Even it is car accidents when the rest of the family claim all time high ‘fines’ from the unlucky driver to pay….sometimes in years!!
    My point is don’æt be to blind to see and judge the arrested before it is clear evidense who did it!
    I personally think it is other than the arrested norwegian who kiddnapped/killed the litle girl. And yhat they be arrested on false ground -probley to get payd for let go. It is also much corrupsion in the phillipines, sadley because I also love the people and the country!!


    • amerinorsk says:

      Hei, takk for kommentaret! Du må gjerne skrive i norsk hvis det passer deg bedre. 🙂

      I know very well what you’re talking about. I spent a lot of time on this post, not that you can tell though. I’ve sat writing, rewriting the post until I finally gave up and went with the most important thing, hoping the family of Ellah finds peace.

      But yes, there are many vultures in the Philippines. Many looking for money, even the police. A taxi driver down there didn’t have his drivers license. We were pulled over, but the officer let us go for 1000 peso’s.

      It’s a corrupt system unfortunately, but I don’t want this to deter from the Facebook group or support for Ellah. She’s just a child and one way or another, I hope the police find who did it instead of taking the easy way out and accusing someone innocent.


  2. ispinne says:

    Politiet på Philippinene ser foreløpig ut til å være like jævla dumme som i Kongo. Jeg er ikke et øyeblikk i tvil om at de har tatt feil par, og dermed går de egentlige barnemorderne fri. Tragisk.

    • Barbro says:

      Slik er det på Fillipinene.Massevis av korrupsjon og dritt.Jeg er overbevist om at de er uskyldige,og at heller den lokale halliken som tidligere har vært nevnt, vet mere om saken….Men politiet der nede er nok redde for å gripe inn ovenfor ham,som antagelig er en del av en mafia og et pedofilt nettverk…

  3. Barbro says:

    Jeg er ikke et øyeblikk i tvil om at de uskyldige,men Karen skulle ikke ha sittet og gjespet!Det er en alvorlig sak de er tiltalt for,og denne gjespingen virker negativt for saken deres,mener nå jeg.

  4. isalia says: