Går det an å være så dum?

On VG.no, they’re reporting on a political party FRP wanting to demolish an old apartment complex in order to stave off white flight from the area.  Read about it here. I swear, everyday there’s something that surprises me.  And I thought I’ve seen it all.  Below you’ll find a comment from a gentleman calling himself “Afroman” which leads me to believe he’s not an ethnic-Norwegian. (I.e. an immigrant.) In that same comment, you’ll see my reply:


As you can see by this “Afroman’s” comment, he’s hinting that the ethnic Norwegians moving out of the area are doing so due to racism.  That they simply cannot take living with immigrants.  This of course sounds rather stupid to anyone with half a mind, and instead of placing the blame directly where it should go, immigrants, he’s passing it off as racism.

Let me tell you something about the area in question, I’ve got a couple of Vietnamese friends in this area.  They’re looking for a new place to live.  Why?  Because of the noise and trouble in the area.  Because of the garbage and the graffiti.  Who does all this?  Immigrant youths.

It’s a fact, idiotic comments like that above is fairly typical and should be brought forth for what they are, rubbish.  Just because you’re an immigrant, doesn’t mean everyone else who isn’t is a racist.  Get a grip on reality and realize that the immigrants need to start taking care of their own area and act decent and you’ll see that ethnic Norwegians won’t move out in droves!