Etiopiere vurderer å avslutte sultestreiken

In an article from, there’s a title that says, “Etiopiere vurderer å avslutte sultestreiken“.  I think it should read, “Etiopiere som har ikke noe å si, tvinger den Norske samfunnet til å gi dem noe dem ikke har krav på”.

These people, have had their cases reviewed and denied, fairly.  So now, they’re trying to strong arm the Norwegian government into granting them asylum through hunger striking.  That obviously didn’t work, so now they’re dropping the hunger strike and instead will just remain in the church until they get asylum.  Umm, no.  Am I the only one having a problem with this?

Sure, Norway isn’t my home country, but for now I call it home and I genuinely appreciate and like the Norwegian people and their culture. (For the most part, I will never like lutefisk!)  So this stuff really upsets me.  People from undeveloped countries come to Norway expecting Norway to bend over backwards so they can get a better life.  I come from a family who’s worked hard, shed blood for what we have today.  Nothing was ever given to us.  And that’s why I’m having the hard time understanding a lot of these people.

Don’t they realize that the only way they’re going to make a change is to stop running and start doing?  How many people is Norway going to allow on their shores before they realize that they’re doing both their own people and immigrants a disservice in the long run?  When will Norway realize that the only true way to help these people is to make sure that they get the tools they need to make their own country a better place?  I mean seriously?

If everyone just runs to another country, doesn’t matter if it’s Norway, the United States or wherever, that their own country will continue to be a bad place and will continue to produce people running away seeking asylum in other countries?  It just cannot continue, and it’s about time Norway and the rest of the world realizes that granting asylum is only a short time fix for a permanent problem.

The Western world needs to help these people in their own countries, give them the support they need to create the much needed change.

I’d like to write a more in depth article here, but I’m preoccupied and my time is running short.  But hopefully people will realize that in order to get a better life, you have to work for it and not expect other people to give you that life.  Nothing in this world is free, not even freedom.