Innvandrer vil få dobbel trygd

I read this and my jaw dropped…


Innvandrer vil få dobbel trygd

Nrk kunne i dag melde at Regjeringen jobber med en endring av uførepensjonen
som kan bety at innvandrere får mer enn doblet sin uføretrygd. I dag er reglene for
uføretrygd sånn at jo lengre du har jobbet før du blir uføretrygdet, jo høyere uføretrygd
får du. Grunnen til at systemet er laget sånn er at uføretrygd er en forsikring du får
som medlem av folketrygden og jo lengre du har vært medlem og betalt inn til
forsikringen, jo mer får du den dagen du blir ufør.


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English translation:


Immigrants will get double labor insurance benefits

NRK said today that the government is working with a change in the labor insurance benefits which means that immigrants will get their labor insurance benefits doubled of what it is today.  At the moment, the system works like this: The longer you work, the more money you get.  The reason why the system is set up in this manner is because the labor insurance benefits is a form of insurance that you receive as a taxpayer, and the more you’ve paid into the system, the more you eventually get out of it.


I just can’t believe Norway and how it’s ruining it’s own future here.  A few years ago, they were talking about removing the “labor insurance benefits” for everyone because immigrants were abusing the system. (Getting the so called labor insurance without actually being sick.  I.e. scamming the system.)  And now they want to give immigrants double?  Is it me, or has Norway officially gone off it’s rocker?

I know for a fact (due to first hand experience) that many immigrants come to Norway with one thing in mind: To get money.  Not by working, but by getting it through the above labor insurance system.  I know one person who came to Norway and claimed he had an illness/injury.  This of course couldn’t be proven (because he doesn’t have it) and the government denied his case.  A couple of years later, he changes his doctor to a lady from the same country (and area even) that he’s from.  Together, they get him the labor insurance due to a “mental illness” and voila, he’s now working full time “svart” (under the table) and is making tons of cash each month.  He’s even getting a car paid for by the government!  He’s also been open to me saying that many of his friends are doing the same thing.  I believe he’s miss placed his trust with me because he feels like I’m also an immigrant like him. (Which I’m not.  I may be an immigrant but I’m definitely not here to screw over the system!)

Now, don’t you think that Norwegian immigrants talk to their friends and family in their country?  And don’t you think those very same friends and family talk to even more people?  Word of mouth people! I don’t blame them for wanting to come to a country where they can get so much for doing nothing, I place the blame squarely on the blue eyed Norwegian government who’s got such a fetish for being politically correct that they can’t either A.) See what’s happening with their own eyes or B.) Turns a blind eye towards it.

On top of all this, the Norwegian government has also drafted giving a free drivers license to immigrants (which is expensive even for Norwegians), apartments where they can rent out a sub-apartment tax free.  Did I mention these apartments are only for immigrants?  Yep, if you’re Norwegian and would like one, tough. I mean seriously, when will Norway realize they’re being used?