FRP-politikker: Islam er en sammfunsskadelig ideologi

Styremedlem Kent Andersen i Oslo Fremskrittsparti mener at resultatet av religionen islam er det samme som resultatet av ideologiene nazisme og kommunisme.

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FRP politician said that Islam is like the Nazi’s.  I have to agree, despite the obvious politically incorrect feeling…  But you have to realize that Islam isn’t just a religious movement, it’s a political movement as well.  A movement to spread Islam, through various means.  Terror, sheer numbers (higher birthrates) and of course, politically.

I can tell you already what’s going to happen to Norway and the rest of Europe.  For starters, the main religion of many immigrants to Norway (and Europe in general) are of the Islamic faith.  That’s a fact.  The culture of these immigrants are drastically different from Europeans.  The main difference I’ll be talking about here, is children.  European women are more concerned about a career that they often put aside motherly aspirations.  That’s because Europe is a very progressive area.

However, women in the Islamic culture are much like women of the 30’s and 50’s.  They’re home makers, wives.  In fact, many women in the Middle East aren’t allowed to work.  Their place is at home.  It’s also a fact, that immigrant families have a higher rate of births then that of the host country.  Namely because of their culture.

So what does this really mean?  Well, a child will adopt the parents way of thinking.  This includes the religious ideology, especially in Muslim families.  So as time progresses, European women will have less and less children while the immigrants will have more and more.  And you may be asking?  Well, who do you think the future voters are going to be?

That’s right, young Muslims.

So, when a Muslim party gains a foothold in Norway, do you think they’ll be short on voters?  No. This means that the Muslims will be a majority of the voters if the trend today continues.  Immigration needs to be held back to a trickle if the future of Norway is going to be a Norwegian future.  Laws that you don’t want may very well be put into law.

Norwegians and Europeans are an endangered species.  That, is a fact.  Islam continues to grow, gaining political clout while white Christians are dwindling each year.

So to sum it up:

Islam is growing at a steady rate while ethnic Europeans are dwindling.  This is due mainly to the two different cultures.  By 2020, Europe will be unrecognizable.  By 2050, Europe will no longer be the Europe we know of it today.  The future voters will be predominantly Muslims which means Muslim political parties will get the vote.  Which again means that Muslim laws will become Europe’s laws.  This isn’t fear mongering, it’s the truth.

The political side of Islam goes unapposed because we are afraid to speak our minds.  We’re afraid to be labeled as “racists” or “intolerant” because we don’t agree.  Political correctness is hurting us more then it is helping us.


Birth rates in Europe

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One Comment on “FRP-politikker: Islam er en sammfunsskadelig ideologi”

  1. GM says:

    I agree completely. Birthrates in not only Norway but all of western Europe have long ago fallen below rates required for a society to reproduce itself (2.1). In Italy and Spain, birthrates are closer to 1.1. In France and Germany approximately 1.4. In Norway, we hold a birthrate of about 1.8.

    Far too many muslim/islam leaders have pointed out that they’re going to beat us at our own game – democracy (which is non-existent in islamistic countries). M Al-Ghadaffi (Libya) has said that they need neither swords, firearms are war to overpower Europe. All they need to do is keep their birthrates up.

    As an American in Norway, I’m glad I discovered your blog. I’m looking forward to reading more!