Jeg må bare le… has recently talked about the “extreme dangers” presented by Russian Neo Nazi’s, anti-Islamists and radical Islamists in Norway.  What I find funny, is that cases regarding Neo Nazi’s or anti-Islamists have been few and far between yet the media outlets act like it happens constantly.  It doesn’t. European media outlets are so concerned about being politically correct that they’ll turn a blind eye to the truths.

The other day, had an article which said, “It’s only a matter of time before it explodes”.  Umm, lol?  If anything, people in Norway is going to have a problem with Muslims.  For each year that comes and goes, Islam will become more and more a dominating factor in Norway.  Soon, they’ll be voting on Islamic parties like the “Muslimske Folkepartiet“.  And we all know that immigrants vote in mass.  It might not be a problem right now, but what about in twenty something years when Muslims will have enough people to actually get people elected?  Then you can kiss your freedoms goodbye and say hello to Sharia laws.

It’s no joke, it’s happened before.  Iran wasn’t always a Muslim country.  And as they say, those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

I’d also like to bring some attention to the utter idiocy of Norwegian and Scandinavian news outlets.  While they turn a political correct eye and concentrate them on what these (virtually) non existent Neo Nazi’s do, they totally ignore what Islam brings Europe and Scandinavia daily.  I know SEVERAL incidents which went unreported by the media about immigrants and crime.  A ten year old Norwegian boy was beaten by a forty something Muslim man.  What happened?  Nothing.  Not a whimper in the media.  I have a friend who was robbed at knife point by two Muslim men.  What happened?  Again, nothing.
So my question is, how much of this stuff happens daily and goes unreported by the news outlets?  I’ll wager a years paycheck that there’s A LOT which goes unreported due to political correctness.

One such case was brought to my attention by a blog called “Gutta på skauen” which talked about an eleven year old girl being raped by a Swedish Muslim.  Check out the post here.  And wasn’t it only a couple of weeks ago where an African-Muslim “felt up” several young schoolgirls here in Norway?

I beg you Norway, reconsider what you’re allowing into your country.


Må få dem hjem!

Now that the Norwegian Erik Berger and his fiance have been proven innocent as reported on, Norway needs to get them home right away.  The Philippines have a history of mob justice.  People get emotionally unstable and decide to exact revenge.  Revenge usually means killing.

Now that the police have ruled Erik Berger and the fiance out of the picture, they must start following up other leads.  Something I certainly hope they’ve been doing since day one.  If justice for little Ellah will be served, the police have to act fast.  The perpetrator might have already left the Philippines.

Here’s a sketch of the two suspects, it’s said the man has blond hair.

I really hope little Ellah will get the justice she deserves.  If you haven’t already done so, show your support on Facebook by liking “Justice for Ellah” by clicking here.

Ikke la de slippe unna! is following the case about the girl found murdered in Cebu, Philippines.  I beg, please don’t let the responsible party get away.  The police owe it to Ellah to follow absolutely all leads in the case and not be blinded by hate.  Cooler heads need to prevail, if the Norwegian and the 25 year old girl are indeed guilty, then they’ll be put behind bars.  But if they’re not, and the police jump the gun, they’re allowing the real murder(ers) go free giving little Ellah absolutely NO justice.

I know how the police down there work, I worked with a couple of them. (Not in Cebu, but in Mindanao.)  Don’t let pride get in the way. Please.  For Ellah’s sake.


And for those of you who’ve not yet joined the “Justice for Ellah” facebook page, you can do so by clicking here.

Multiculturalism has failed

State multiculturalism has failed, says David Cameron


Multiculturalism has failed, says French president


Merkel says German multicultural society has failed


How long before Norway and the rest of the world realizes it?  Mass immigration is bad, immigration is good.

Justice for Ellah Joy Pique

For everyone that uses Facebook, please join me and sign up for Ellah Joy Pique’s page to show your support for her and her family.


Click here to go to the “Justice for Ellah Joy Pique” Facebook page.


As most of you who’ve been following’s articles, Ellah was found wrapped in two blankets and entwined in twine, dumped over a cliff after being brutally murdered.  Right now, the Filipino police are holding a Norwegian and a younger Filipina as suspects in the case.  They are however, not charged as of yet for the crime.

I’ve visited Cebu, I stayed there for three months and the rest were split between Mindanao and Manila.  The people there are humble and some of the nicest you’ll ever meet.  This is a very heart breaking story for me, as it should be for everyone.  I’d also like to say, that let’s not get hung up with wanting to serve justice quicker then due process allows.  I can’t say if the Norwegian is innocent or not, but if he’s not that means the real killers are still out there.  That’s why it’s very important for the Cebu police department to follow procedure to ensure that this isn’t the case.


Rest in peace Ellah, I’m deeply saddened by your passing.

Til kommentaren “Tor” epost Thoh@……..

I’m sorry, but your comment was in the spam folder alongside several other spam comments for cheap viagra.  Unfortunately, I was rather quick on the delete button and deleted yours permanently.

My apologies.

For everyone, his comment read that I shouldn’t talk about something I have no knowledge about. (Regarding my post about kirke asyl)

I wanted to address this here since I accidentally deleted his comment.  Tor say’s that I shouldn’t talk about it seeing I don’t have any knowledge about “it”, it being immigration in general I guess.  This is where Tor is wrong.  Unlike many, I’ve spent most of my life abroad.  This is due to me coming from a military family.  I’ve carried this tradition since I’ve come of age, and lived in many countries myself.  Some being European countries like Sweden, Germany, Norway and others being Asian countries like China, the Philippines, Japan just to name a few.  I haven’t just visited these countries, but lived 6+ months in them. I’ve also had two tours in Iraq.

I’ve seen a lot first hand, and I’ve had a lot happen to me during my travels.  And since I have a strong interest in politics and immigration, it’s been a side hobby of mine to follow those issues in the countries I’ve stayed.  And I’m going to let you in on a little secret, it’s not politically correct and we’ll get people like “Tor” in here claiming that I shouldn’t speak, even though they’ve probably never set foot outside of Oslo.

Mass immigration is hurting more then it’s helping.  It’s not only hurting the host country, but the immigrants themselves.  That’s not something I’m making up, and with enough research on the subject you’ll be able to see it yourself.  The Asian countries I’ve visited didn’t have that big of a problem, quite frankly because they’re not as obsessed with being politically correct like we Western countries are.  So they call it as they see it and do something about it without being afraid of what everyone else says or thinks about them.

Unlike Europe.  And Europe should take note at how Japan etc. handles their immigration problems.

Mass immigration destroys two cultures.  The immigrants culture and that of the host country.  Controlled immigration does not.  You can’t have a “multicultural society” for very long, before those cultures all blend into one.  When that happens, the Norwegian culture is lost as well as the other cultures.  That’s just the nature of it.  And if you want Norway to stay Norwegian, you guys seriously need to reconsider your stance on how your government is handling immigration in general.

And you have to quit worrying about being politically correct.  The truth is often harsh, and people don’t like to hear it.  In fact, I know several cases which have been left out of the news papers because they involved immigrants. I’ve been witness to two such cases and have a friend who’s had it happen to him where the media didn’t want to shed some negative light on immigrants.  Now this is just three cases seen from me, how many more do you think have gone unreported?

Norway is a meek country, you guys let almost anyone walk all over you.  Immigrants come, refuse to leave and you guys bend over backwards to their defense.  Muslims riot in Oslo, causing havoc and destruction, what does Norway do?  Give them their support and apologize TO THEM.

Crime has risen since Norway opened it’s doors to mass immigration in 1987.  This should open some eyes, but instead you close them and choose to be politically correct instead.  Like I said, the truth is ugly and that truth is that immigration is slowly destroying Norway.  How about the Bergen police which released a report saying that “the majority of heinous crimes were committed by non-western immigrants” but were forced to retract their report?  How about all those rapes in Oslo?  What was it, something like 47 rapes a year by non-western immigrants? (Versus only a few by westerners?)

Like I said, Norway is meek.  Muslims aren’t.  So what happens?  Norway will buckle to the Muslim demands, and already have.  How about the bank who had to get rid of their “spare grisen” because it was offensive towards Muslims?  That’s just one, teeny issue, but it’s a sign of bigger things to come.

Look at America for example.  We can’t say “Merry Christmas” anymore because people are afraid to upset someone.  How long before Norway get’s rid of “God Jul” because it’s offensive to Muslims?  In the United States, many states have banned the Christmas tree with a star over it because it’s been deemed “offensive”.

All this because of politically correctness.  Now think of little old Norway, you know very well your government doesn’t have the backbone to stand up against such idiocy and will buckle because it’s afraid to upset the minorities.

Now I know this post really does sound politically incorrect, but what I’ve said is the truth.  You can google this all you want too, pay attention to the news, listen to your friends.  Norway will end up like America, crime ridden and so afraid to hurt someones feelings that many aspects of your culture will die out.

Mark my words.

Kast dem ut!

Siv Jensen asks to have the authority to throw the Ethiopian asylum seekers out of the protected church as they’re abusing the system says in an article located here.  For those of you who have visited my blog before have already read my previous article about the subject.  If not, click here.

Now, am I the only one who agrees with this Siv Jensen lady?  Norway has enough illegal immigrants, no need in letting people who are in no danger of returning to their own country to stay after they’ve had a fair review of their case?  Not only that, it seems that so many immigrants would rather run from their own country and leech of anothers success instead of doing the hard work themselves and make their own country a better place for them, their children and their countrymen.  They should man up, roll up their sleeves and demand that their country makes a change for the better.

Egypt did, and they succeeded.

Asylum is only a band-aid for a bigger problem.  Immigrants can’t continue to come to Norway, so it’s better that Norway closes their doors and starts helping them, in their own country.  It’s like trying to use a cup to save a sinking ship, it’s futile.  As is asylum immigration.  Nip the problem in it’s butt before you pay a very high price of your culture and history!

Kick these abusers out and set an example.  Start finding the illegal immigrants in Norway and ship them out as well.  Close your doors and let Norway worry about Norway for once!