My first encounter with a “Norweigan Muslim”.

Let me tell you all a little story, I’m an American working in Norway.  I was at a get together with a couple of guys from work, one British and the other a fellow American a couple of years back.

We arrived and everyone was in full swing having a good time. The ladies were drinking some wine and the fella’s were standing around discussing soccer.  My friends and I decided we’d go have a seat and chat amongst ourselves.  To the right of us, sat a young “Norsk”-Arabere.  Anyways, we talk about the weather, a little about work and a little about life in Norway when we’re interrupted by the young Muslim who said with a smirk on his face, “So how did you guys like the gift we gave you?” We were totally clueless and thought he was going to joke around with us.  I answered, “What gift is that?”  The next words that came out of his mouth made my stomach churn, and it’s not something I’ll forget…


We were all stunned, our co-workers over heard what transpired and went to have a chat with the fellow. (Who’s been in Norway since the age of five from what I have been told.)  Our hosts apologized for him but all we could do was shake our heads and thank them for the invite as we headed our way out the door.

He was the first Arabic person I interacted with here in Norway.  So you can say that he made a poor first impression.  I’ve met other nicer Muslims, but I keep feeling that they all feel the same.  Of course, the 9/11 encounter hasn’t been the only negative one I or others have had here, but it’s the one that stuck with me the most.  Especially seeing how he’s been “raised” Norwegian and “really isn’t a Muslim”. (My co-workers words.)  Why would he say something like that?  Out of ignorance?  Hate?  Racism?

We’ve done nothing to him, I’ve seen  him around town a couple of times but we ignore each other even though I’d like to grab a hold of him and ask him why he said what he did.

Oh well.


2 Comments on “My first encounter with a “Norweigan Muslim”.”

  1. naz khan says:

    after reading your comment im kinda shocked and disgraced that a muslim individual could make that comment to anyone let alone a american!!! 9/11 is not our war and was not and surely cannot be a real muslims ideology, islam the religion is about peace it dones not mention anywhere to harm anyone let alone kill anyone?? suicide is forbidden? so is terrorism?i have met few guys like that who have been brainwashed??? you must ask why well when i was younger i was brain washed to get married and have kids and got to uni get a degree and get a house etc etc but i broke free from that?? there will is weak and there thinking is lost among misfits who just teach them poisen??? but thank fully there is more muslims like me who dont agree with muslims and terrorism and we neither support it either?? in simple sentence, if i was on the plane and suddenly it got ransacked by terrorists regardless of the race origin or agenda i would kill every one of them with my bare hands than just agree with them??? we are not all the same??? i was born n bred in the UK and will most likely die in the UK therewfore UK is my country and believe me we will defend it against any christian muslim or jew who tries to attack it??? we will not sit and watch and let our countries burn!!!

    at the end of the day the Lord is watching and he knows better us humans are merely slaves lost!!!he will guide us to the tru path???

    you cannot harm others and then say i was doing it to plz the lord cmon in that case hitler saddam and gaddafi would be prohphets!!!

    and lastly america is to blame for it has started these fake wars around the world with another hidden agenda which has increased an interest to terrorism??? and dont you say they are right because remember it takes 2 to tango??? they are both wrong!!!

    anyway dont be offended by his comments?? you should say to him that if he dont like it in europe then go back to your backward arab country!!!!


    • amerinorsk says:

      I’ve met plenty of Muslim men and women here in Europe who’ve felt the same way as that individual did. I’m sorry to say but I believe they’re the norm for people of the Islamic faith, and that people like you are the few.

      I will agree that America is to blame for a lot of the problems around the world. I’m the kind of American who believes that every soldier over seas should be sent home ASAP. It’s not our job to make sure that people get justice. It’s not our job to be the police of the world. I’d rather worry about America and let the other countries worry about themselves.