Haba Haba – Rett til topps på hitlistene

I’ve never been a big fan of MGP or Eurovision.  I love music of all genres, Jazz is one of my favorites.  But this isn’t really about my taste in music, it’s about an article I read on VG.no which you can read by clicking here.  A song by an African girl named “Haba Haba” has reach the tops on MGP.  I say good for her, it’s always nice when we break free of our limits and make something big happen.  So thumbs up from me to her.

But my question is (this is not a personal critic on the singer), how good is “Haba Haba”?  Knowing that my taste in music differs from many Europeans (I’m more urban/jazz/classical), I decided I’d send a few emails to my friends back in the United States.  I tried getting a good mix of both African-Americans and white’s to represent.

I sent the official video which you can find on Youtube with this notice to my friends:

Hey guys, it’s Duncan here.  I’m sending you over a video and I ask you to rate it from 1 to 10.  1 being poor, 10 being best.  I’d also appreciate a short comment (a sentence or three) about what you liked/disliked about it.  I’m doing this for my blog so I appreciate it!


  1. Jason, 31 from New York

Hey man, listened to it and can’t say I really care for it.  The girl is pretty but the song is dry.  Where’s this from?  I give it a 3/10.

Doug, 24 from New York

Duncan! Long time no hear.  Catchy tune but don’t think it’d do well here in the U.S.  Sounds pretty much the same as everyone else.  I’ll give it a four out of ten.

Tamytrice, 26 from Atlanta

it aint bad who is it?  she norwegian? she looks black to me.  i aint likin it though so imma going to give you a rating of 2 lol.

Darius, 27 from Atlanta (brother to Tamytrice)

Hey man sup?  the girl be fine but it aint my thing.  to generic if you know what i mean.  Props for a sista representin tho!  3 outta 10 but 10 out of 10 for lookin fine!

I sent off about twenty emails, these are the only one’s I’ve gotten back in so far.  Tamytrice and Darius went to the same highschool as me in Atlanta and are African-Americans who call themselves “RnB connoisseurs”.

Now of course these are just four people who didn’t care about the song much.  A theme being that it’s bland/generic but does so with a catchy (although repetitive) tune.  Something I would agree with.

So in my humble opinion, “Haba-Haba” is nothing great.  It’s got a ctachy tune but at the cost of sounding repetitive.


One Comment on “Haba Haba – Rett til topps på hitlistene”

  1. Solveig says:

    Nei, MGP er blitt bare pyton. Haba sangen er aledeles idiotisk.