Lover å ikke glemme Benjamin

Lover å ikke glemme Benjamin –


Promise to never forget Benjamin…  That’s nice but what about all the ethnic Norwegian people who were killed by hateful immigrants?  How about all the Norwegians who were raped and had their lives shattered by immigrants?  How can we forget them?

I’m starting to see Norway as a very biased country.  Both through the media and my own personal experience.  It’s almost as clear cut as “If you’re an immigrant and has been wronged against, we’ll stand behind you with fakkeltoger” and “If you’re a Norwegian that has been wronged against, tough”.

Since I’ve been here in Norway, I’ve seen more immigrant on Norwegian crime then the other way around.  I’ve seen them rip off the Norwegian welfare system without a care, I’ve seen them put down Norwegians and their culture and I’ve seen Norway bend over backwards to the demands of many immigrants.  When will this madness end?

I work closely with various immigration cases and I’ve reported quite a few incidents personally.  But Norway isn’t the only country to do this.  The rest of Europe is equally as bad, but I say Norway is almost as bad as the United Kingdom when it comes to how differently they treat their citizens and the bias against ethnic Norwegians.

So with keeping all this in mind, I’d like you to view a video:

Many immigrants come from war torn countries which has put them in a “It’s everyone else against ME” attitude.  This is never a good thing and they need help with their issues or else things like the above video will happen.  Many also come from countries where they’ve been ingrained with the belief that the Western world and the Western people are like dogs, you can abuse them and work against them any way you want too because in the end, they’re dogs and are not equal to you or your beliefs.

However, that’s ignored because it’s not politically correct to discuss, and that’s dangerous.  If we can’t accept the fact that many who enter our countries hate us because of who we are and our beliefs, we’re asking for trouble.

Lover å ikke glemme Benjamin


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  1. Minnestart says:

    Hva med heller å minnes alle nordmenn som har blitt drept av utlendinger i Norge de siste årene?