Miles Davis – Cool Jazz

This is one of my all time favorite Jazz tunes.  It brings back memories of living in New York, looking out my window on a rainy night seeing the brilliant lights pass by while the pitter potter of droplets hitting the apartment window sill.



Hope you like it too.


Haba Haba – Rett til topps på hitlistene

I’ve never been a big fan of MGP or Eurovision.  I love music of all genres, Jazz is one of my favorites.  But this isn’t really about my taste in music, it’s about an article I read on which you can read by clicking here.  A song by an African girl named “Haba Haba” has reach the tops on MGP.  I say good for her, it’s always nice when we break free of our limits and make something big happen.  So thumbs up from me to her.

But my question is (this is not a personal critic on the singer), how good is “Haba Haba”?  Knowing that my taste in music differs from many Europeans (I’m more urban/jazz/classical), I decided I’d send a few emails to my friends back in the United States.  I tried getting a good mix of both African-Americans and white’s to represent.

I sent the official video which you can find on Youtube with this notice to my friends:

Hey guys, it’s Duncan here.  I’m sending you over a video and I ask you to rate it from 1 to 10.  1 being poor, 10 being best.  I’d also appreciate a short comment (a sentence or three) about what you liked/disliked about it.  I’m doing this for my blog so I appreciate it!


  1. Jason, 31 from New York

Hey man, listened to it and can’t say I really care for it.  The girl is pretty but the song is dry.  Where’s this from?  I give it a 3/10.

Doug, 24 from New York

Duncan! Long time no hear.  Catchy tune but don’t think it’d do well here in the U.S.  Sounds pretty much the same as everyone else.  I’ll give it a four out of ten.

Tamytrice, 26 from Atlanta

it aint bad who is it?  she norwegian? she looks black to me.  i aint likin it though so imma going to give you a rating of 2 lol.

Darius, 27 from Atlanta (brother to Tamytrice)

Hey man sup?  the girl be fine but it aint my thing.  to generic if you know what i mean.  Props for a sista representin tho!  3 outta 10 but 10 out of 10 for lookin fine!

I sent off about twenty emails, these are the only one’s I’ve gotten back in so far.  Tamytrice and Darius went to the same highschool as me in Atlanta and are African-Americans who call themselves “RnB connoisseurs”.

Now of course these are just four people who didn’t care about the song much.  A theme being that it’s bland/generic but does so with a catchy (although repetitive) tune.  Something I would agree with.

So in my humble opinion, “Haba-Haba” is nothing great.  It’s got a ctachy tune but at the cost of sounding repetitive.

Norway, the violence keeps going…

I just saw this on


Politimann slått til blods – radioen virket ikke

– De to politifolkene ble blant annet angrepet av minst to festdeltagere, sannsynligvis flere. De ble tildelt både slag og spark. Den ene politimannen fikk et kutt i leppa og en skikkelig blåveis, opplyser operasjonsleder Bård Austad i Agder politidistrikt til VG Nett.

Read the entire story at


I have plenty of Norwegian friends, and they keep telling me Norway wasn’t always like this.  In fact, I got the impression that Norway used to be much like an American suburb in the 40’s and 50’s where everyone knew each other and got along.  What’s going on guys?  I’d still say Norway is probably one of the safest countries to live in, but it makes me sad to hear about how “Norway used to be” verses how it is “now”.

Would love to hear your take on it!

My first encounter with a “Norweigan Muslim”.

Let me tell you all a little story, I’m an American working in Norway.  I was at a get together with a couple of guys from work, one British and the other a fellow American a couple of years back.

We arrived and everyone was in full swing having a good time. The ladies were drinking some wine and the fella’s were standing around discussing soccer.  My friends and I decided we’d go have a seat and chat amongst ourselves.  To the right of us, sat a young “Norsk”-Arabere.  Anyways, we talk about the weather, a little about work and a little about life in Norway when we’re interrupted by the young Muslim who said with a smirk on his face, “So how did you guys like the gift we gave you?” We were totally clueless and thought he was going to joke around with us.  I answered, “What gift is that?”  The next words that came out of his mouth made my stomach churn, and it’s not something I’ll forget…


We were all stunned, our co-workers over heard what transpired and went to have a chat with the fellow. (Who’s been in Norway since the age of five from what I have been told.)  Our hosts apologized for him but all we could do was shake our heads and thank them for the invite as we headed our way out the door.

He was the first Arabic person I interacted with here in Norway.  So you can say that he made a poor first impression.  I’ve met other nicer Muslims, but I keep feeling that they all feel the same.  Of course, the 9/11 encounter hasn’t been the only negative one I or others have had here, but it’s the one that stuck with me the most.  Especially seeing how he’s been “raised” Norwegian and “really isn’t a Muslim”. (My co-workers words.)  Why would he say something like that?  Out of ignorance?  Hate?  Racism?

We’ve done nothing to him, I’ve seen  him around town a couple of times but we ignore each other even though I’d like to grab a hold of him and ask him why he said what he did.

Oh well.

Politisk ukorrekt – Muslim Rasisme i Oslo

A strong video I feel everyone should watch at least once.  Especially on the anniversary of Benjamin’s death.



Unfortunately I’m unable to find parts three to eight, but I think you get the picture.  Norway is losing it’s culture, it’s safety and most of all, it’s people.  Don’t let political correctness blind you to the truths.  Of course not ever immigrant is a bad guy and immigration should still continue.  Just not mass– immigration.


And on a final note…

Norwegian Trolls DO Exist! – Proof!

I was online the other day, minding my own and putting down some comments on when all of a sudden, a Troll appears!  Out of the blue, this mystical and majestic troll strolls in, trolling as it goes.  It was a sight to behold!  Since I knew people would never believe that I had captured a troll, I took some pictures…

The troll doing what a troll does best

As you can clearly see, the troll has no arguments to use so he resorts to petty name calling. (A typical Troll tactic.)


As you can see, once the troll has been called out he goes into the never before seen “Well yeah? You’re stupid!” defense mode.


Again, the troll goes to attack by calling other people stupid.  This is pretty much all a troll does, so if you encounter a troll in the wilds of Norway don’t fret.  He can’t come at you with anything substantial.  Just empty threats, name calling and other childish behavior.

Here the troll lashes out on a more personal level, claiming that through his magic troll powers that he knows who I am, what I’ve been through and what I do and how I’m undeserving to be in Norway legally as opposed to an illegal immigrant.  His foul mouth does a disservice towards his agenda and people who are arguing for the illegal immigrant in discussion.


Here you can see troll flip flop and hurl insults.  The only good thing this troll can do.  He claims I can’t read Norwegian well enough to understand what’s being said, he calls us all “freppere” (which means “unquestioning sheep” by the way), calls us “paranoid” because HE claimed that the suicide bombing in Moscow was related to the illegals deportation.

Again, all these trolls can do is spew childish insults and try to put words in other peoples mouths by misquotes.


Here’s the troll again insulting another person who’s not on the illegal immigrants side by calling him names.  As you can see, the name calling makes up 99% of this trolls argument, the other 1% is misuse of quotes and straight out lies.

Again more insults.  At this point, I’m getting pretty much tired of the game.  So I’ve decided that this blog post will be the last of my correspondence with this troll.   As you can see, he attacks me by calling me “unintelligent” and trying to hide my “mistakes”.  He also claims that he has “owned” me in the discussion, but as you can see the only thing he’s “owned” was his total lack of argumentative skills.  He then goes further to call me “paranoid” because I said that terrorist attacks have happened in Europe before and that it can probably happen in Norway too.  Just last year (Christmas of 2010) a suicide bomber blew himself up in Sweden which is Norway’s next door neighbor.

He’s claimed that he’s blasted me with “facts” and that I’ve tried to “side step” his “glorious case for an illegal immigrant” yet as you can see from the above pictures, the only thing he’s done is purposefully misquoted me, called me and others names like “idiots”, belittled our IQ and of course, whined about our spelling.

So there you have it folks, so if anyone ever asks if there’s such a thing as a Norwegian troll you can say, “There sure is, and his name is Objektiv1”!


Lover å ikke glemme Benjamin

Lover å ikke glemme Benjamin –


Promise to never forget Benjamin…  That’s nice but what about all the ethnic Norwegian people who were killed by hateful immigrants?  How about all the Norwegians who were raped and had their lives shattered by immigrants?  How can we forget them?

I’m starting to see Norway as a very biased country.  Both through the media and my own personal experience.  It’s almost as clear cut as “If you’re an immigrant and has been wronged against, we’ll stand behind you with fakkeltoger” and “If you’re a Norwegian that has been wronged against, tough”.

Since I’ve been here in Norway, I’ve seen more immigrant on Norwegian crime then the other way around.  I’ve seen them rip off the Norwegian welfare system without a care, I’ve seen them put down Norwegians and their culture and I’ve seen Norway bend over backwards to the demands of many immigrants.  When will this madness end?

I work closely with various immigration cases and I’ve reported quite a few incidents personally.  But Norway isn’t the only country to do this.  The rest of Europe is equally as bad, but I say Norway is almost as bad as the United Kingdom when it comes to how differently they treat their citizens and the bias against ethnic Norwegians.

So with keeping all this in mind, I’d like you to view a video:

Many immigrants come from war torn countries which has put them in a “It’s everyone else against ME” attitude.  This is never a good thing and they need help with their issues or else things like the above video will happen.  Many also come from countries where they’ve been ingrained with the belief that the Western world and the Western people are like dogs, you can abuse them and work against them any way you want too because in the end, they’re dogs and are not equal to you or your beliefs.

However, that’s ignored because it’s not politically correct to discuss, and that’s dangerous.  If we can’t accept the fact that many who enter our countries hate us because of who we are and our beliefs, we’re asking for trouble.

Lover å ikke glemme Benjamin